Thursday, December 16, 2010

Submissions Only

Ever wanted a show like Glee, but with more maturity, less high school drama, and without all the butchering of popular songs and show tunes? Then look no further; a new series on youtube has just the thing for you, and it goes by the name Submissions Only.

Submissions Only is a great new web series that theatre people will love. It follows the story of Tim, a casting director for such projects as Snuggie: The Musical and The Human Centipede Wears Prada, and his best friend Penny, who's an emerging actress in the New York theatre scene. Only two episodes are up so far, but a lot has happened. Tim and his recent ex-boyfriend Steve have had a bit of a mix-up (I won't give anything away, but it's classic!), and Penny's love interest from college, Eric, is in the city auditioning for the same show as her. All this happens as they try to deal with the stress of auditions and breaking into show business.

This series does an awesome job at catering to theatre fanatics. There's a lot of jokes that will make people who know what it's like to be involved with theatre chuckle. Although this may limit the audience for the series, I love it, since it's easy to relate to and understand where they're coming from. The characters are interesting, too. Even though there are only two episodes so far, I feel like I'm getting to know them well and that they're developing into real, true people.

If you haven't seen Submissions Only, check it out and subscribe to its channel on youtube! No theatre person should miss it!

Episode 1, part 1:

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